Mixing Patterns, Like a Pro!

If you follow the refinery on Instagram you’ll know my style is very minimal and monochrome. I do like a splash of colour, but I’ve never really been daring enough to delve too far into mixed prints.

So in the spirit of broadening my horizons, and perhaps helping others who’ve been holding back from jumping in the deep end too, I’ve done a bit of research and here’s a few tips to incorporate mixed patterns into your spaces…

Let me know what you think!

1. Use multiple scales/pattern sizes

Too many small and tight prints can confuse the eye.

2. Build on one bold pattern

For example a bold rug or feature wall.

elle decor

3. Incorporate solids

This will soften prints, especially white and other light neutrals.

4. Use complementary colours

For example bright orange stripes and pink leopard… just kidding, none of that please.

better homes

5. Don’t over coordinate

No matchy-matchy!

Images via Pinterest by Sarah for Life on Virginia Street; My Ideal Home; Anthropologie; Apartment Therapy; Skona Hem; Amber Kaplan via Style Caster; Eclectically Vintage; Sors.; Mix and Chic; Elle Decor; Better Homes and Gardens; Seventy Nine Ideas; Domino via PopSugar

xx Jess

– the refinery –


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