How To: Small Spaces

Working with small spaces really brings out your inner creative. Here are a few clever ideas I like for decorating small spaces. Please share yours too in the comments below!

*/ Choose a light colour palette

Avoid dark hues that absorb light and constrict your space. Light colours do wonders for opening things up and creating a bright and airy feel. Soft light shades are your friend!

*/ Think multi-purpose

Get creative with storage! Think ladder chairs, sofa beds and multi-purpose rooms. Want to create a bit more privacy? Try using storage shelves or curtains to divide one room in two.

*/ Use every inch

Do you have a small space between two rooms or two cupboards (or a random small space anywhere really)? Try creating a study/office nook. Run out of storage space? Use the walls!

Living room:

Tip 1: Use small side tables instead of a coffee table. Being able to move them around will make things feel less cramped.

Tip 2: Incorporate floor-to-ceiling curtains. They create the illusion of higher ceilings by drawing the eyes up. This can also be achieved with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or vertically oriented wall paper; anything that extends the walls to include the ceiling.


Try: Open storage cupboards.

And if you can, extend the kitchen space outside!


Must do: Add a mirror! This is one of the easiest (and best) tricks. Adding a full-length mirror visually expands a space by reflecting light instantly making a room feel more spacious.


Tip: Narrow wall shelves are great for storing bathroom essentials and will eliminate clutter from around the sink.

Images via Pinterest by House and Garden; Russian Creators for Style Caster; Home Designing; Inside Out; Trelawny Vermont-Davis for West Elm Blog; Zwart & Koper; Decoist; Treeium; Sonya Barker for At Home with the Barkers; eatwell 101; Jenna Sue Design Co.; MMK for Architecture and Design.

xx Jess

– the refinery –


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