How To: Small Spaces

Working with small spaces really brings out your inner creative. Here are a few clever ideas I like for decorating small spaces. Please share yours too in the comments below!

*/ Choose a light colour palette

Avoid dark hues that absorb light and constrict your space. Light colours do wonders for opening things up and creating a bright and airy feel. Soft light shades are your friend!

*/ Think multi-purpose

Get creative with storage! Think ladder chairs, sofa beds and multi-purpose rooms. Want to create a bit more privacy? Try using storage shelves or curtains to divide one room in two.

*/ Use every inch

Do you have a small space between two rooms or two cupboards (or a random small space anywhere really)? Try creating a study/office nook. Run out of storage space? Use the walls!

Living room:

Tip 1: Use small side tables instead of a coffee table. Being able to move them around will make things feel less cramped.

Tip 2: Incorporate floor-to-ceiling curtains. They create the illusion of higher ceilings by drawing the eyes up. This can also be achieved with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or vertically oriented wall paper; anything that extends the walls to include the ceiling.


Try: Open storage cupboards.

And if you can, extend the kitchen space outside!


Must do: Add a mirror! This is one of the easiest (and best) tricks. Adding a full-length mirror visually expands a space by reflecting light instantly making a room feel more spacious.


Tip: Narrow wall shelves are great for storing bathroom essentials and will eliminate clutter from around the sink.

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Deck the Halls: Holiday Season Styling

It’s that time of year again. Out come the trees and ornaments and lights and ribbons and tinsel and nativity scenes and CD’s of carols and… oh goodness. So overwhelming.

Instead of letting holiday decorating add to the stress of the season, here are some low key decorating ideas that will bring joy to your home.

Unless of course OTT is your thing… then you do you!

Images via Pinterest by Chic California; Liz Marie Blog; Sarah for a beach cottage; Kate for Digs Digs; Danielle de Lange for The Style Files; Stockholm Vitt; Bohemian Ruby; Home Art Blog; My Home Ideas.

Happy holidays!

xx Jess

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